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Friday, June 05, 2015

Like to Stick Around The Old Home Town

I've been a big fan of keeping my money in my own community as much as I can. I shop local even if I have to pay a little more.
My donation stays in my home town.
Our local variety store is closing there door. I've bought the odd thing there a gift or so. Usual around Christmas.
The other day Qunella and I went over and bought a few items. Most of the time when I shop it usual for someone else. This time I bought mostly for me. I bought this fancy spinner and some other items.

Over 60 pen pals I have and things were marked down at Huckleberries. So I got some stationary and the paper rolls, I'll cut them down to 6 by 9 inches and have some pretty writing paper.

Our local food bank has a high demand. The other day I was in there with my client Carrie and there shelf was looking pretty bare. I told them I would post something on my facebook page...."The local food bank in Bonners Ferry shelf are mighty low could you please be KIND and donate three items" I make it appoint to practice what I preach. Before I went to work I took three items in a loaf of bread, a packafe of cracker snacks, and Quaker  bars. The package they will break down.

Local 4 H kids are having a food drive in about a week. I don't recall food bank when I was a kid. I know there was a food community program. When my dad work for the railroad the fright train would haul food COMMODITIES and the union made sure the rail workers had a livable wage. But the workers did take home the commodities.
 The garden is doing ok. Thought I would share a photo of our Shallots. Been picking fresh lettuce. One of my Lilly are in bloom.
Clean out what I call my "good will" flower bed. The white lilac I planted is doing fine and gave it a good drink of water.

Took a walk over on the North Side of Bonners Ferry. Took my camera and forgot to put in the card. Well for dinner I did ok in my eating. No white flour or sugar.
Breakfast we had pancake and once again white flour. But I add a banana and some blueberries to the batter.
Lunch Steve made me an BLT (Bacon Lettuce Sandwich) and it was on white bread toast.
Dinner we cooked the burger on the barbecue and had potato salad which is serve with plenty of veggies.
For a snack at some lime yogurt add a little bran to it.
I got more exerciser in today. One of the reason I'm not dropping the pounds I need to move more then I do.

Coffee is on


  1. Where I am they give out 4 tons of food twice a month. Seems like a lot for such a small town.
    Don't suppose I'll ever go there, got money for food.

  2. BBC is that all year? Four times a year a food truck comes and gives out food. During the winter months they don't show up.


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