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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Down Over Pound

Had a good weigh lost this week, a pound and quarter. Hopeful I can continue a repeat for next week. Eating I guess was ok. No flourey carbs for dinner. But I have to say "I'm still a little hungry"

I thought Carrie and I was going to the Sandpoint to see her pain doctor for her shot. She want to talk to the doctor before and saying the shots aren't doing her any good.
At one time Muphette seen him and as they was talking, He said "I rather take client on medicare then medicaid they pay more" from that day forward I thought the guy was a "greedy horses ass"
Continue with Carrie. They somehow schedule a follow up and she had one the end of May. Simple they want to bill both medicare and medicaid to make money.

We went out the Hope House (free house) in Moyie Springs. Which helps people with non food items.
Carrie been cleaning out her closet took some items out. I stop by and picked up two large cases of capri sun drinks.
We both found a few items we could use.
Usual I don't get much form there. I figure others can use it more then I.
During the summer months on Tuesday they serve lunches. Not many people got in swing of lunches being serve.
Today it was brown bag lunches. Her and I both took one. In lunches they was a sandwich, apple, carrot sticks, chips, cookies, and juice.

I been going though the alphabet and purchasing items for the food bank or the hope house. That might start with that letter. The first pay period goes to our local food bank and the second one goes out to the hope house.
I only spend up to $15.00.
The other day I took some item in to the food bank. The letter was K "Kindness" and for the hope house it will be "L" lemon-aid and or lime-aid after I get paid on the 20th that Tuesday I'll take the juice out.

I'm waiting for the sun to fall behind selkirk mountain range.

Coffee is on  

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  1. Yeah, some doctors ... when comparing them to "demigods in white" I think of the imperfect Greek and Roman deities more than anything else. ^^


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