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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Close Mind On Any Thing That Is Different

Dear Cup of Coffee.
       I just finish cutting the strip of all the turquoise. "Coffee, sometime I just don't pay attention." Today as I was using the wheel cutter I wack my thumb. If it was any deeper I would of gotten a few stitches.
But also when it comes to my eating mostly between meals I don't pay attention to what I actual eat.
Coffee is above photo is my favorite turquoise that will be an rag rug.

      Eating today before I went to my T.O.P.S meeting I had some yogurt I know it had fruit, but I don't recall. Well I was down three-quarters of a pound.
Well Coffee I should confess a little here...Actual my goal was to loose three- fourth of a pound a week. If I had follow my goal I would of lost 19 and 1/2 pounds. putting me right around 200 pounds. (90.7)
Rest of my eating so far has been two eggs with chopped up green peppers, 3 link sausage, and piece of sour dough toast, yes with butter.  Lunch a bowl of chili and a grilled cheese sandwich.
I need to add one more food. I was heading to T.O.P.S and our dues are one dollar a week and fifty cent for the weight lost can.
I stop in at Safeway and bought a candy bar. So I could brake a ten down. I need brag a little here coffee....I took the candy home and split with my husband Murphy. 

       This morning Murphy went and picked some pea pods and got 5 snack bag and stuck them in our freezer.

       Last evening we had our general get together for SPAIRFITERA and our chat lean toward why we have many gods and goddess.
Well coffee. I found it interest being around people who are willing to open there mind.
One lady talk about ASATRU which she did a good presentation
Next week we're going to talk about candles mainly when it comes to "Paganism"
Coffee is real piss me off...The time before we had two new people from our community show up. These people I know sooner of later would check our group out. 
After the meeting they corner one of people and told her that they were only one true "God" 
I guess I'm close minded in some sense of life. But I couldn't imagine being close minded that I didn't grow. It would drive me nuts.

                Well I know there will be more. For now...Peppy

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  1. what good is life if you can't have a chocolate bar once in a while?


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