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Monday, May 04, 2015

I Should Title This But What

Today I took Carrie to the pain clinic down in Sandpoint and it was quick trip. There computer was down that read the x-rays.
Well here is the thing they ordered x ray from the hospital in Sandpoint.
Less then three months they ordered the same x ray from the hospital in Bonners Ferry.
So she got her prescription for her procedure. But they could of taking care of her prescription last time we was there.
They just want to bill Medicare and Medicaid.

As I said thing went fairly smooth. At one time I believe I was driving between Co-op and McDonald and saw this fabric store.
I'm making my children rag rug and I'm getting the cotton fabric ready.
So today I stop in at  THE QUILT PATCH IDAHO and purchase my second round of colors for the rag rug. Which I'll be crocheting.
Sawyer and Betty Colors will be turquoise, purple, and yellow.
Then Bart and Diane will be red, yellow, and black.
I just need one more set of colors. And 3 yards each of solid color of Turquoise and red.

Between jobs I stop in at our local stove shop in Bonners Ferry. Anyhow I don't even know the name of the business.
But they have a nice little selection of yarns. And there not a bad price. I paid $2.50 each for the cotton yarn.

Well the other day I bought two items at our local variety store in Bonners Ferry which is going out of business.
I'm sure going to miss our little variety store. But since there discounting everything down and continue dropping the prices.
At first of the year on my facebook page I post something like this. During the year I'll be send 5 people only a little something though out the year...please leave a comment. Well my cousin Edna sign up and I'm send her this necklace. She lives in Hayden Lake Idaho.
  I don't know who all does facebook if you want to send me a FRIEND REQUEST go head. I'll be friends with anyone. Until someone don't act civilized.
As many of you know I do pen pals all over the world also I got package of eight note card from the going out sale from Huckleberries.
One thing I don't under stand why they;re talking about putting a high end stores in our town of Bonners Ferry. Most people who isn't retire have to work for a living.

Coffee is on

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