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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Out There

This morning I increase my local walking up around the bend to the turn that takes you to Highway 95
A lease this time I didn't have to deal with some old crank. Daisy our dog and I walked it and back home, in a ½ hour.

Today I worked a split shift. This morning I took Regis in for MRI at our local hospital. They have an mobile unit they bring up on Thursday.
Then In the late afternoon I take Carrie down to Sandpoint to have a procedure done about her pain.
As she was having her procedure done I put up 3 fliers in Sandpoint area for our local “Earth Base Faith” gathering.

I swung by COMMON KNOWLEDGEID but they was close. But mange to get flier in ZERO POINTINQUIRE WITH INN, and MONARCH COFFEE.
At this point I don't see my self posting any next month in Sandpoint unless someone have an appointment in that area a week or so from our gathering in June. 
I found around a week is about the right time place up posters. To early they forget. To late they have other things planned.
Confession time....I try to post things on facebook proper groups or communities. I wouldn't post about our earth base gathering in a cooking group.
Well I want people around the TROY and LIBBY to know about our gathering. I posted it in yard sale and if I knew about community event page I would of place it there.

Stop over at LaWalla this evening. I'm trying to get her on with Regis. But for a while she and I will split the hours right down the middle. I will slow keep reducing mind down to 2 to 4 hours a week.
If I told Regis I was leaving that he would find fault with her. He met two other care givers and wasn't comfortable with them. Which he might of been.
But he is comfortable with me. And tends to be co-depended on others. I don't need that or he doesn't need that either.

I been some what dispointed on what I been eating my husband Murphy been doing all the shopping for food. As my work schedule been some what all over the place. Taking client to the doctors this week.
Ate a late dinner. Got home after seven had a thin (2) pork chops, cranberries, and plain bake potato with my friend Alice seasoning.
Before I left I had some left over spaghetti and cup of applesause.
Pancake for breakfast.
Fruit a banana.

I can see fault in my own health habit. But I'm always thinking to my self "I know people who eat chips, eat tons of sweets, and have a few pops a day" but my habits aren't as bad so I'm not as bad as some people I know.

Coffee is on

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  1. ...a daily walk, or so I've been told, is a GOOD Thing.


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