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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Now It Came To Me

My last post I know there was something else I want post about. The other day I took 2 cases of Capri Sun out to the hope house. I call it the give away house. Usual they give away non food items such as toilet paper, soaps, clothing, female products, band aids and etc.
Not sure but during the summer time, when school is out they make up bags of goodies and pass them I believe is weekly.
A few of the items that is place in bag is cheese crackers, fruit cups, and other snack like foods.
I gather there over 100 children that use this program.

Well today I walk in Sandpoint. Carrie had quite a few medical test done and all of them came out with flying colors.
Manged to get my 30 minute walk in.
Took my lunch and I shared with Carrie at Sandpoint city beach.
There was quite a few hours between appointment. So we went to the PIE HUT and I was Confession time....I had a piece of chocolate pecan with side of ice cream, and also had 1/4 of Carrie German chocolate.
Rest of my eating was ok. Did take a short walk after dinner in hope to burn off some of the pie and ice cream calories.

Almost done with a dish cloth I been crochet. Maybe less the dozen stitches and tying it off.   

Coffee is on


  1. Things are different in Texas, but getting better, I made a deal on some property yesterday.


  2. You're doing great with the exercise. A little pie's all right so long as you don't do it often.

    I had completely forgotten about Phillis Diller. Now that you reminded me, I youtubed her. You're right. She calls her husband Fang.

  3. thanks for coming by. yes, my two horses are arabians - gem, whom i posted today, has the classic arab look. :)

    pie sounds great. :)

  4. I too try and walk 30 minutes!!

    Too bad we don't live closer, we could walk together.

    How nice to read such a positive post.


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