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Sunday, May 31, 2015

More Then Three Less Then Ten

Murphy and I haul trash to the dump. I know that not the correct term. But we all know what we're talking about
Had quite a bit of cardboard to go and recycled.

Then we went up to our property on the bench. Sprayed those bad weeds with round up. Did 3 gallon of spray.
Our place doesn't have much for bad weed. Murphy cousin places sure have enough bad weed such as  TANSY We're not spraying there side.
I'm not a big fan of Round Up.

We went down to see Regis and Liz. She is renting a cabin down on Deep Creek loop. I thought is was getting the entire place for $400 a month and the utilities. But she isn't. There old cabins and in winter your electrical heat would run well over $200 a month.
I was thinking those little cabin would be a good place for Murphette if the heat was included.

I went and talk to Murphette about moving on. Confession time...I was so afraid I would come across gruff. 
But I didn't, it went smoothly.  
So I told her she needs to be moving on by July. So for the summer months she is going to get a disabled sticker for the national forest and going to stay at different national forest parks though out this area.
Personal I want my place. I don't mind helping others out. Confession time...last thing I don't want to do is enable her.

As for eating I get to mark off three meals of clean eating. Which means no white flour or sugar. I thought that would be simple, it wasn't been at all.
Water is difficult one for me. We're suppose to drink 64 oz of water. I believe I've done about 32 oz and for me that's a lot.
For breakfast I cook up some steel cut oats and cut up a banana. Steel cut oats stays with me. Lunch I had pork and beans with two hot dogs cut up.
For dinner I made zucchini fritter.
Snack on the way home from the bench we stop in at Harvest foods and got a few things. Both of us got a sweet type of roll.
He got a apple fritter and I got a bear claw.

Coffee is on


  1. Hello, I enjoyed reading this post and learning more about you. I have a hard time giving up sugar, I have to have it in my coffee. I am not sure what area you are living? Thanks for stopping by my post and for the comment. Enjoy your day!

  2. I'm not a big fan of Roundup either.

    Every time I have to cut something from my diet I run into the problem of all the places it crops up. I'm not cutting flour, but I have reduced it a bit.


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