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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What We Got Started

After work I finish planting the bulbs Quenella gave me. I put some in the hodge podge flower bed.
Planted some yellow crocus in the royal sunshine bed. And over in the good will flower bed I planted some sort of blue Easter Hyacinth.

The other day I also planted a white lilac bush I also got from Quenella.

Murphy and I got some seeded started. Today we start some onions, celery, broccoli,and parsley.
Earlier we start an assortment of peppers and tomatoes.

We're getting a good assortment of flowers to bloom now. I sure like the Easter Hyacinth. Smells so good.

At work today I ran Carrie around we went to the local food bank. But before work, that I stop in and bought a few items that start with a letter “G”. So I got 2 pack of gum, 2-7 grain milk which was marked down to $1.50 each, 3 grape taffy sticks, and 2 small cartons of grape juice a total of 12 juice boxes. All of the item under $12.00...I won't spend over $15. Which I donate to our local food bank.
Well I grab two items from the food bank a bag of cashew and sack of six chocolate doughnuts.
In the afternoon we went out to the hope house. Which gives away usual non food items.
A short time ago my sister in law Faith clean out her closet and gave me mostly tops. I took what fitted and I liked. Past bag of clothes on to Carrie she went though it and now we took it out to the give away house.
Carrie found a night gown and a black top. 


  1. 7 grain milk? What the hell is that?

  2. BBC..I don't know but the price was good, and I figure someone who use our local food bank would use it.


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