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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Wall Of Wall

Murphy and I got the last little corner of wall down to day. It got me wondering about other WALL One thing wall does is to hold up ceiling and roof. Which seem to be a harmless fact of life.
But some walls are used to keep in or keep out others. Depending on what side of the wall you might be on.
I guess the question is who you keep in or out. I have no trouble keeping the unwanted elements out, like the cold.

Now all the walls are down. We took some old plywood that was use on wall. Hauled off to the dump. I guess the next step is to break down the wall, pulling nails.

Murphy and I are going to full moon drumming. Also we're picking up Murphette. None of us been to a drumming.
Also we will be hooking up a battery charger to her mini van. But she called me up and someone told her that her alternator is shot. But who knows her son in law “David” check it out. Anyhow he is one those who knows everything.
Just like Murphette ex Clovis.

I notice there a yellow primrose against our home in the “hodgepodge” flower bed. Faith gave me this flower.

Coffee is on


  1. My walls tend to keep others out and I'm okay with that.. Happy Easter.. Be sure and share the "drumming" experience with us.

  2. Ah Sweet Ms Dora, I wish I had you for a neighbor! I really like genuine people. Have a great time, feel the heartbeat of the earth and relax! the Rat

  3. Some walls work and some walls don't..

  4. bbc, yer just another brick in the wall. but you make an excellent point.


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