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Friday, April 03, 2015

I Sure Don't See Good Friday As A Good Thing.

It been a little while since I post anything. I know I made a promise that I was going to blog every day. I'm bad, oh well get over it.

It is Good Friday and I'm not a christian. I'm into the “Earth Faith”
I could never under stand “For God so love his son that he was CRUCIFIED for our sins
 Anyhow Abraham was going to Sacrifice his son ISAAC But the treatment of his son son ISHMAEL isn't any better.
I understand being a responsible parent and if you have a child that may harm them self or someone in society. You have every responsibility to make sure they warm no one. Even if you have to place them in a jail or an institution 

   In simple term I'm responsible for my spirit and soul. I'll have thing to answer to a higher power when I cross over.

Last Wednesday I took my client/friend Carrie in to get her procedure done. She get shot for pain, and I'm guessing it some type of steroids .
She had these shot quite a few times and end up having a IRREGULAR HEART BEAT 
so she had to go over to Bonner County General Hospital. Opinion time...I think she takes way to many pill and there sooner or later going to kill her.

Murphy and I been still tearing down the shed. We went out and broke down the walls frame. And pulled nail and brought home a load of 2 by 6.

Confession time...I took on to many pen pals. But I'm not going to loose sleep over it. Anyhow I do it as hobby.

I been crochet a little and last thing I worked on is my rag rug. But I need to sew some more strips together. One thing I learn it would been better if I started with longer strips.

Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous11:50 PM

    bless your heart! Us "non-christians" got to stick together! I figure if there is a god, he owes me an apology! ha ha thanks for this post. enjoy your weekend!

  2. I have no higher power to answer to when I pass on. Beliefs like that are bullshit.

  3. I had a phase where I entered too many swaps that had to do with pen pals. No serios pen-pals bonds were formed.
    It's so cool to see someone actually does rags rugs! I feel like I've only seen this on Pinterest, lol.

    ioana, from comment and follow #41

  4. I posted a minute ago but my annoying husband forgot to sign out so something went wrong. *note to self* ALWAYS copy.
    Anyway, i'll have to definitely come back to your blog and check it out. Would you come follow me though? I'm trying to build up my count so that I can participate in review type things where they want followers and i don't know anyone who blogs (yet). TY!
    Ps. i'm craftymomme08 from swapbot


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