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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Three Should Be It

The morning there was a slight pink to sunrise. The birds was welcoming the spring sun up. Things around the place started early. Even got up with the alarm clock.
Murphy had an appointment at dentist appointment seven this morning to have his teeth clean.
I had to have Carrie to her pain doctor by eighty thirty in the morning. She had x ray done of her spine and neck at the hospital in Sandpoint.
She has extreme arthritis all up and down on the right side of her spine. I know she gets some type of injections.

I'v been crocheting my yellow dish towel. Haven't tried any on my slipper socks but that the project I'll be taking to the crafts group that meets this Saturday at Under The Sun. I start cutting material for a rag rug.
Part of my work today I took out a bag of clothing for Carrie and camera case she thought would work for a pause.
I found some bags of clothing when Murphy and I was cleaning out the shed. Got them washed up and they went out to the hope house. Mostly boys clothes but a few other items.
I ask the lady who ran the place if they had clothes that couldn't be use. I want to crochet a rag rug and they were piece that need mend and stains that couldn't be removed. So I dug though a tote full of basic rags.
I been cutting one inch strips and tie them together. It actual pretty hard on the hand.

My sister in law Faith gave me a bag of clothing. Which I been trying on and most of the piece fit. Usual tops for me the issue I can't button them across the boobs. If I can button them there so big in the should it just sag there.
But so far only 4 pieces that didn't fit. Already took two piece in to Carrie and this Friday I'll take in the other two, possible more.

As Murphy went to the dentist I had the opportunity to fix breakfast my way. I broke two eggs and add a little milk and whip it all together.
Had some sausage patty frying, scrambled eggs no salt after it was done I season with an herb blend. And slice of whole wheat toast.

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