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Monday, March 16, 2015

Some Days It's Ok To Be A Liitle Naughty.

If you don't plan you will fail. I been planning all week almost to have a little junky sweet. I keep toss different sweets all though my mind.
But end up having a sweet roll filled with jelly. Oh it was good. Made a London Fog for the first time. I had one at “Under the Sun” in Bonners Ferry and want to give my hand at making one.
Well there was better but still mind wasn't bad.
But my rest of my eating been on track all this week. Today I'll get my 8 glasses of water in, I was home for majorty of the time.

When I'm out I usual mange to get in 4 to 6 glasses of water.

  I'm making one of my pen pals a pocket folder. Although it isn't going to be as fancy as is this one. Actual it going to be quite simple.
Still need to pick up 2 sheets of card stock at Huckleberries. If all goes well it should be sent out this up coming week.

One of the items I will be putting in her pen pal pocket folder is an ARTIST TRADING CARDS First time every making one.

Coffee is on

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  1. If we are bad to the bone what are those assholes that are killing others?

    I pack some water with me everywhere I go.


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