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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One Never To Old To Have Something New Happen

I just experience something new life. There was a charge on my credit card from a company called NATIONAL CREDIT REPORT and I know once year your allowed to look at your credit report. Some how I end up at the site above and there was $1.00 charged for processing fee. Which I agree to pay. But On credit card statement I was charge $29.95 for something I never ordered. So never experience anything like this in my life.
I went to my bank and ask what I needed to do. The teller told me to call the number on back of my credit card and someone on the other end would help me out. I talk a nice lady and of course there always nice.
She ask me some question and she told me to get hold of the company and unsubscribe from them. Which I understand the reason why. If I'm trying to dispute a bill and I'm still subscribe to them. The question they should be asking is “how serious is this lady?” I did contact the company.

As for my challenge this week I been doing real bad. Although I don't eat after seven. I need to get back on track.

Coffee is on  

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