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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

More Thumbs Up then Down

At first I thought of writing about getting suport on my weight lost. But I don't want to post that much about it.
A few ladies grip about they get no support from there husbands. I try to supportive of my husband and so dose most wives.
I notice three attitude is taken. First one is...”Isn't that darling your trying to loose weight and brings you something sweet”....Second one is....They say you don't need to loose anything. Well you think “Can't you see I weigh over 200 pounds and I can't buy normal people clothes” Well a short time ago I inform my husband what I weight. I don't think it hit him one way or others.
The very last one They total ignore your effort and your on your own.

I got a brief story. One of our members husband quite drinking though AA, ALCHOLICS ANONYMOUS and his wife join AL ANON to help and support her husband stop drinking.
I supported my husband quite smoking cigarettes Confession time... few times I thought of sticking three in his mouth and three up his ass and lighting them.
Good news I lost 3 and ¼ pounds this week. The challenge is helping it keeps me on task.
Well lunch is still and issue for me. I didn't have to be to work until noon today. So after tops I went to the post office and got some stamps.
Then I went over to “Under the sun” got a cup of coffee as I waited for my friend Quenella I wrote to one of my pen pals in Perth. But had to continue it after I got home.

I went to work Carrie and I took some items out to The give away house, stop in at Yoders which is a discounted food store a lot of damage goods. I tell you, when you go to Yoders you need to watch what you get not everything is a bargain in there. I didn't get anything Carrie bought some sweet treats. I bought nothing.
We went over to the food bank. She got a sack of food and I picked up a loaf of bread and some garden seeds.
Well when we got back to her place I ended up eating two like candy bars.
Well for dinner I've done better and I done worst. Mac and cheese isn't that good I made sure it was a small serving a ¼ of chicken breast skinned and spinach.
No food after seven in evening.
Breakfast I had steel cut oats and a banana
A short time ago I join SWAP BOT and took part in my first swap. Got all of these neet things which came from Illnois.
I just started an double crochet dish cloth. One of many reason I started this I need help with the slipper socks I'm making. I know there going to be someone at the crafter group that can help me. But I don't excpect someone to totally spent there entire time with me and dish cloth gives me something to work on with out help.

Coffee is on

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