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Monday, March 09, 2015

Just One More Thing.

Murphy and I got our last load out of the shed on the north bench. Now the job for me is to go though all the boxes.
There a little bit of trash in corner of the shed which Murphy can haul to the dump. There a transmission and transfer case to a ford bronco that needs to come here. But we will need to take the engine lift.

I feel like I been doing fairly good with our T.O.P.S challenge.
But today after the shed Murphy and I stop in at Super one to get some items. Let me tell you I was craving an ice cream cone. There .25¢.

But I manged not to get a cone.

After the shed later in the day I went for my walk in my neighborhood. Got down to end of the road were in turns left.
I thought I would get a few photos.
This is the half way point to the bend in road. Looking north toward Canada.

For dinner as you can see I had. No eating after 7 in the evening. Which now I haven't been hungry. But when I'm bored I want to eat.
Confession time...Some evening after seven I have just plain popcorn.

Sometime when we're stump in our life it's anther way of growth

Coffee is on

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  1. ice cream cones! i wouldn't mind a drumstick right about now.


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