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Sunday, March 08, 2015

It Moving Right A Long.

Murphy and I went out to the property on the North Bench. Got anther load out of the shed. This load was lumber, metal strips and bracket for shelving. Head and Foot board, made out of metal.
We also loaded up shelf which we put in basement.
I have to say so far everything been going smoothly. I believe every thing on this load we're keeping except I'll be putting the head and foot board in the yard sale.
I went though some bags of clothing and majority of them were my son, as when they were little. I'm sending them off to the give way house (Hope House) and thrift store.
My guess we have one more load to haul out of there. Then we can start tearing it down.

I just got back starting on my slipper socks, slow going. I been working on pen pal letter which is going to MASERU
I mange to get in a bit of walk today and I was about to say I ate clean today. But I had left over pizza for lunch. I like my pizza cold.
But for breakfast we had french toast and 2 pieces of bacon. I didn't use syrup, instead I use peanut butter, This isn't good peanut butter..."It basically shortening and peanut butter mix together."
For dinner bake beans with ground beef, sliced up onion, shallots, and peppers. And I had tomatoes juice to drink,

Coffee is on

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