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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ir Rain So I Completed

Usual the saying goes “April showers will bring May flowers” But today showers brought me opportunity to finish going though the boxes from the shed on the north bench. 

These two boxes of items I want to keep. I couldn't tell you whats all in them. I know there an old family bible and medical book. Items my sons did for me when they were younger.

The items in these boxes will be put in the yard sale. I can't think of one thing in any of these boxes that I would keep, if it doesn't sale. The items wrap in news paper is a nativity set I did a long time ago. What doesn't sell will go off to the thrift store.
The shampooer would stay if I could figure how to work it.
Well this is next area I'll be going though. I believe most of it going into the yard sale pile or the thrift store pile.
These are a few items that need to head off to the thrift store. But I always give Murphy a chance to have a say. Usual everything goes anyhow.

Not a good day when it came to my weigh lost challenge.

Coffee is on

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