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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

I Might Piss Off Some, That's Way The Ball Balance

Well I start out with my thought on this....Our foreign policy with Israel really sucks. If any other country did what they do. We would be putting up sanction against them and very well should.
Israel builds a wall to keep out there neighbors and not let them have there basic needs.
Anyone to become an citizen of Israel must half a lease one grand parent Jewish and if your aren't a quarter Jewish. You wouldn't be able to vote.
They have nuclear weapon and bullies there neighbors.
I just don't understand the county of Israel...There doing the same thing what happen during the Nazi rein in Europe.
In simple term there violating basic human rights to non Jews.

I weigh in and I was up. Just mean I got to work harder. And hubby bought home some sweets. I'm not pleased with this at all. Plus I ate some, 4 but they are super small and it would = to a regular size one.
Did get my 20 minute walk in. The road is sort of slick and I almost fell.

No day is a complete failure.

Coffee is on


  1. i can never decide on who are the bigger pains in the ass, jews or muslims.

  2. let me clarify, by jews i mean israeli zionists.


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