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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Ostara 2015

Sure didn't come into a big bang. It never does in this community. Most people here are Evangelical which I call “evil genitals”, Mormons and Mennonites. The only I know would have an issue with it “Evil Genitals” but it there issue not mind.
I know maybe 6 to 12 pagans in this area and pretty much there in the closet. If some ask me if I'm a christian. I just say no and I have not trouble with other religion. And yet it haven't let me into deep discussion. Which is fine with me. I have no desire to convert anyone.
Woke up and soon as the sun was up. Murphy called my attention to how beautiful Roman Nose . The snow sure shine brightly on top of the peak and light fog wrap it so gentle.
Murphy and I took out a small larch and moved an alpine fir into it spot. I love the smell of an alpine fir.

I receive two letters from my pen pals. One of them live in Oakland California and the Warren Ohio. Sunday evening I won't be taking any more pen-pals. I'll have about 60 of them. Sunday I'll be sending a letter to Spokane which is only 100 miles (160KM)

By home below my front window one of my off whites, Easter Hyacinths are starting to open. Also I can see a little bit of yellow on my daffodils.

No special meal and I still don't eat after seven and having trouble getting my 8 glasses of water down

Best Wishes this SPRING and the coffee is on


  1. Happy Ostara to you too Dora!

  2. Wow re your having (so many) penpals! Do you mean penpals you actually write to -- or is it email these days?

    Me - I use my blog as a communal letter to the kind of people who, when I was a kid, I'd have as penpals... ;)

  3. YTSL..Yes hand written letters

  4. You're a Pagan! How absolutely delightful! Blessed Be!


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