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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Cleaning and More Cleaning.

Before I talk about what Murphy and I clean and need to clean. Briefly went for a small walk in our neighborhood. First I thought I would just walk across the cow pasture. About ready to take a photo and notice my card wasn't in it.
So I had to come back home and picked it up. Then I decided to continue down the road in stead.
Well on first corner by my home. Is a small grouping of trees. The tree with the top blown out is a bearing tree for savoring property. There been breeze out the west or south, not a bad day for a walk.

Not much going on in the fields. Not much new green growth yet. Actual I haven't notice any yet. Well my bulbs. The ground is a little squish during the afternoon.

Murphy and I went out to the shed and the North Bench. Got our first load and took it home. Still need to sort it.
In four piles. Trash we all ready took, I believe was four loads to the dump. But I'm sure they will be more to go once we go though the stuff.
Thrift store, I always sort down before I have a yard sale. It just the way I like to do things.
Yard Sale, Murphy and I are aiming to have a yard sale the first week of April, Friday and Satuday. Sunday is Easter. So I'm thinking of starting it Thursday. But who knows.
Then the last pile will be the stuff we keep.

Not sure what type of clothing is in these bags. But I'm guessing the majority of them will be trash or off to the thrift store.

As for what I ate. 8 classes of water, steel cut oats with no milk and cut up banana. For lunch a BLT sandwich. And for a snack some fake crab and corn bread. Well I haven't yet had dinner but we got pork ribs in the oven.
Not sure what we will have with it. But I'm guessing kale and bake pototo.

It a good day to take a step to a better you.

Coffee is on

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