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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two Things and I Caught My Self

My Dad and Aunt Eve have a few things in common that just irradiate me to no end. One is neither would every admit they were at fault.
How they assume things before they even no the facts. Like that old saying “you need to walk in someone shoes to know what there life is all about”. They have everyone life figured out.
I real try to gather the facts before I make a decision or before I make a judgment call.
Well some how I step out of my fact gathering shoes and stuck on my assuming shoes.

A long time we had one of the boys friend staying with us. Sawyer was out of high school and Bart was still in. So Bart would have been a junior or senior.
There so called friend took Bart geo with out permission and hit a deer with it. He left some of his items here and thought it was payment.
Well some how I got Murphette items mix up and thought they were Bart and Sawyer so called friends stuff.
Bart took him to court to collect money on his car. Bart isn't someone you want to push around...he pushes back.
Every so often Bart would run into the guy and ask when he was going to make payment. His reply was “I left some items at your home and I have bills” Not sure what happen to her microwave. Somehow it ended up in our basement and now I'm clueless what happen to it. I'll keep my eyes open for it but I feel I owe her a microwave.
You see my dad and aunt would assume Murphette was to poor to even have one. Neither one would every admit they mess up.
I caught my self behavior like them.

I felt I did real good on my T.O.P.S challenge this week the only day I struggle with was Valentine day.
But I didn't except it to be very good day. I gave my self permission to indulge in some chocolate. Breakfast and dinner went well today. But Lunch I kept in tact usual I skip lunch and about three I eat out of control. So I had small chunk of chicken breast, dressing to dip the chicken breast in. Confession time Chicken breast is way to dry for me. I cut up three strawberries and add to cup of cottage cheese.
Well later on the scale will tell the story how I did.

A kind word or deed should go a long ways.

Coffee is on...

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