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Sunday, February 01, 2015

January By The Number 2015

I did keep track of the weather for entire month of January. But I have to say I like my old thermometer a lot better. But it what I have.

January 25th was the warmest day. 51(10.5)
January 1 was the coldest day. 12 (-11)
Average high 39 (3.8)
Average low 27(-2.7)
I've seen a lot worst January in past. I would guess there was about 3 inches (7.6) of snow reminding on ground, end of the month.

I did get one book complete read in January it was A LANTERN IN HER HAND I even start to read anther book before the month was over.I even start to read anther book before the month was over.
 THE MIGHTY MISS MALONE  the last sentence I read before I went off to bed was “I ran the rest of the way home”

I receive 15 letters in my post box. I take part in pen pal lettering writing and there several groups though facebook. But for month of February is A MONTH OF LETTERS My last letter which came into my post box, 31st of January. It came from STONEVILLE NORTH CAROLINE 

I bought pedometer and thought I would have more steps then 6,338 steps. I read there about 2.000 steps in mile. So I wouldn't even made it to the town of Bonners Ferry Idaho.

I end up being congested in lungs.

Now for the trivia. Bought Gala Apples for .99¢ a pound.

Notes on paper started BY THE NUMBER

Coffee is on


  1. Nice list - I always enjoy reading peoples numbers. How fun you had a full mailbox and a not-too-wintery January. I've thought about counting steps, but I'm pretty sure I'd be discouraged by my numbers. Wishing you a wonderful February!

  2. Hi again Dora!

    I couldn't 'pin' your post today as it doesn't have a photo in it [that's how Pinterest saves the post] if you want to drop one in and let me know that's OK, and if you're happy just joining in without then that's just great too! :-)

    When I first got a pedometer I was convinced - like you - that I would be doing more than the numbers suggest! I know the health experts recommend 10,000 a day and thought it would be easy!!

    Sometimes I wear it when I'm just working from home and - if you asked me I'd tell you I'd been here and there, up and down stairs, back and forth all day. But when I look at the counter ... it's something silly like 500 steps! Is that all?!!

    Thanks for joining me again this time around.

    Happy February!



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