weight lost and walking

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Love Those Quite Days.

Today I mange to get in two walks and got the last flower bed rake out. Plus a wash out the silver ware drawers.

I mange to get two walks in. I actual walk clear across the summer cow pasture to the back gate. 
When I got down the hill by the pond I could see both mountain peaks
I sure can't total see Burton Peak from my home. I always felt a heavy spirit present there. 
I like the view of Roman Nose from my front yard. 
Well I'm not sure what on the other side of the back fence. I ask Murphy her been back there and he said it was sandy soil. But I thought I would get photo what I walk crossed. The mountain peak your looking at is Black. Part of the Purcell range. My home is up over the hill. 

The other part of my walk was just down our road. 
Rake out the "royal sunshine" flower bed and notice I didn't loose my prim roses. Quite a few of my bulbs are up below my front window.

As for eating I thought I did pretty good. But last week I thought I did ok and ended up gaining a 1/2 a pound. No Junk Food today 64 ounce of water..peed like crazy.
Pop corn nothing on it after 7 pm.

Nothing wrong with a few mistakes it just help us get to our goal.

Coffee is on


  1. Get used to peeing like crazy, you do it more as you get older.

  2. Beautiful photos Dora.. Idaho is a beautiful place, isn't it?


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