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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Good Morning and I Open My Mouth

Murphette called the other evening and said she came back. I think she is hinting to stay here. I let her stay at my place twice. And manege to get her self in a mess. I'm not a psychologist but I don't think her brain every had the development on reasoning.
Not sure where she staying but I think she planning to stay in her car until some place in low income apartments comes up.
If it got real cold or I knew a Apartments would be ready in six weeks or less. I would let her stay here.
But she has 2 daughters and a step son who lives in the area.
But with consequent she might have to ask her self “If I do this...this or this might happen”

So before I head over to clinic I went to see about insurance though “Idaho Health Insurance” exchange . I met Murphette at under the sun. I was going to order a coffee, just a plain coffee. But before that I told Murphette she could have anything on there drink menu. She got her self a large “Mocha” and then I open my mouth and said “I'll have large white chocolate cherry mocha”
We had a good visit.
She was saying that her room mate May want her to pay half of the rent. She thought that was “ok” but she couldn't understand she needed to help purchase food and pay half of the utilities.
Here her responds “I have bills” I couldn't tell you how many people I heard that from. Like Murphy and I don't have any. Saturday afternoon in my mail boxes I'll get my paycheck. I need to pay our electric bill which should be $65.00, phone $35.00 and my internet $177.00. My check should be $445 and I got $277 going out. There is $560 in checking before my pay check came.

Thursday which was my Birthday I was invited my “Hands to Heart” a lady organization that helps the people “in need” and the “Curley Creek” also a lady organization who helps the people “in need” I was invited to a luncheon at the OLIVE TREE a potluck. Everyone was to bring a five dollar exchange gift.
I been ask to join the “Hand to Heart” and they were wondering how they could connect with other people.
I told them that the local food bank at list of agencies that help those in need, and why don't you add your name to the list. Well I can't say all of them do but some of them. Didn't want the club on the list because it has “government involvement” it get funding from the federal and states from taxes.
I just don't have time for that “bull shit” not saying I wouldn't help those in need. But the lady who owns the olive tree took the cake....standing a saying CHRISTAIN FIORAVANTI mom and she wants to put a net work list of who is handling the can of beans, just in case there a economic collapse in the government.” I just rolled my eyes.
Anyhow the girl who owns that I can see why she mess up. Some how her dad manage to eat dinner with some bible thumping prude woman. And for conversation he was talking about “oral sex” Confession time...I wish I was a little mouse in the corner.

Anyhow I had a little more less then a half an hour before the gathering. So I decided to get my walk in so I could marked it off of our T.O.P.S challege.

I walk over to were people had to enter town before the bi pass. Had to come down a steep hill cross the train tracks.

Continued under the bi pass I walk over what some people call the ghetto of Bonners Ferry. The old high school is down there. Not sure what year it was built. Murphy class was the last one to go though it and he graduated in "1970" and lot of my Uncle and Aunts went there and graduated in the "40s". But what is left is just the gymnasium and the auditorium.
 I end up coming up though the inns parking lot. I couldn't tell you last time was in there. I haven't been in there in 2015. I played twice in 2015 and it was with ten bucks. So I took in twenty bucks.

They have tunnel that goes under the highway into the city parking lot. I notice a camera was in there so I took a picture of it.

It doesn't matter what happens. There will be a lining of sunshine.

Coffee is on

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday!
    So nice of you to offer a room to your friend.


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