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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gee I Should Use To Many Brain Cells

I thought for sure I would of lost a little bit. Yesterday I went to my T.O.P.S and weight in. But the scale went up a ½ a pound. I'm at 219.50 and I thought I would have been at 218.25. A maintain of 218.75 would have been just fine also.
I'm continuing on with the challenge. It keeps me focus.

I might as well tell you my naughty food. I had a doughnut like item with a cup of coffee, at work. Then at home I had also a doughnut like item when I got home.
Now for the healthy food. Pancake, side of sausage, and I put peanut butter on the pancake, slice up strawberries.
Nothing for lunch but I made my self a cheese sandwich with lettuce. Which I should of ate earlier Dinner I had a bowl of home made chicken noodle soup, with veggies.

Confession time...about of the challenge one the thing is not to eat after seven in the evening and I had anther bowl of soup.

Today was my day to be charitable. I picked up a few odds and ends denture supplies to take out to local “Hope House”. They give away things. I picked 2 tops for both Murphy and I, when I was there. I believe next month item I'll take out is some fruit.
Carrie rode out with me.
I had three people sign up for “pay it forward” though facebook. So every so often I'll send a gift to one of these three people.
So Bart mother in law Heidi is one of the people who sign up under me.

Every step you take toward your goal is one minute of completing it.

Coffee is on


  1. Speaking as someone who also struggles with weight (my downfall isn't night eating, but stress eating or eating out of boredom), it's strange how one can eat right and gain weight. Or, you can sometimes eat wrong and stay at the same weight But it happens for no reason I can figure out. I always say that recovery is possible, and tomorrow is another day. But I have to watch the peanut butter - that is a sneaky food that will put on the pounds. Alana

  2. My ex brother in law basic lives on prepared foods..TV dinner and is skinny as rail...Not fair.
    Coffee is on


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