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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some Things In Life I do Care

Slip and went off of my blogging. Some how I got confuse on what day of the week it was. So it looks like I won't be blogging every day for entire year.
In life I figure if something goes 80% or better. It been smooth sailing in life.
First thing yesterday morning I took my client Carrie over to our local hospital, here in Bonners Ferry to have an X-Ray on her upper digestion system.
Food seam to get stuck in her throat. So they gave her some stuff to drink and took picture as it went down.
Well there is blockage and it look like it due to her GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY I've known her and one other person who had. Later on they have trouble from it.
The other person was internal bleeding. Plus what I've seen one needs to have quite bit of discipline to following a diet to get enough nutrition.
Confession time...I'm over weight but not enough to have the surgery and it actual scares me. ...Opinion time...I know one of these people that state of Washington picked up the tab and it is way to doctor to line his pocket with tax payer money.
Instead of the state paying for surgery. The states would be better off paying for a weight lost program teaching them to have better all around health and be accountable. 

I had chance to try a new way of making STROGANOFF Well if your into trivia it was name after PAUL STROGANOV a Russian diplomat during the 19th century. 
After work I stop in at Safeway and got a few items. I try not use the self check out stand. I believe it way for company to cut back on labor cost.
I always check out the discount bins I got four items this time around. Then my Safeway card save me $1.75.
Safeway is the only store here that uses cards.
My new Go TIME Pedometer came today. So I tried it and it seem to be right on. I have tried different ones and when you rode in a vehicle hit any type of bump it would show you been out walking.
I put on snow grips on my shoes and walk to the second power pole, so I took 1,452 steps.
Well mid-morning I have my weigh in at T.O.P.S and haven't weight in for last two weeks. My goal was to loose ¾ of pound a week. So keeping with my goal I should lost 1 and ½ pounds. Which would put me at 219.25.

Coffee is on


  1. Good nutrition is confusing, I'm still trying to figure it out.

  2. I love stroganoff!
    And that is too funny you mentioned the self check out line because we usually never go to those feeling similarly to you - but tonight, we only have four items and the 20 or less line was very very long, so we went ahead and self-served checkout.

  3. I really wish I could get back to my fitness routine. My asthma has been really bad and I injured my ankle awhile back. Even my doctor told me to wait on doing any real exercise.


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