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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Now I Need to Fill In the Blanks.

The only thing I need to do on South end of Bonners Ferry is to “Fill in the Blanks” . If your wondering what I mean.
I walked all the city street that is connected with highway 95. But there a few street that doesn't hook up directional with the highway.

Which I hope to soon finish up.

Yesterday I walk though the upper class trailer park. There right on the city line. Most of the trailer are newer double wides. Plus all of them have nice big yards. No junky place there. I notice 2 place are listed for sale.
There were some empty places. Not sure but with snow on ground you can see if a vehicle is coming and going.
With no sale or rent sign my first thought would be. “There snow birds” and headed south.

One thing they do have a nice view of the kootenai valley. Looking at Selkirk mountain range.

I haven't yet figure out but according to my pedometer. I took 5,455 steps which is not quite two and half mile. This site will let you HOW MANY STEPS EQUAL A MILE I don't wear my pedometer all the time.
But also I'm trying to learn how to use MAP PEDOMETER   but having trouble. I might try to find and easier one. Or give up on entirely.
Well if I walk two and half miles from my home. I would be out on highway 95 and I would guess almost down the bottom of what people call Peterson Hill.

Coffee is on

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  1. I just got a new pedometer - going to see what it says after a full week.


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