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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Little Bit With Life.

Life haven't been to unjust with us. Usual it never is. Murphy has general cold. It will run it course. This week I got two package.
I got a pedometer called  GO TIME but I'm having trouble sitting it back to zero. According to BE HEALTHY NOW 2,000 step is about a mile.
What I would like to find a map to keep track of were I've walked. I know the same site I got my “go time” has one for route 66.
I just found the google MAP had one for people using Pedometer. But haven't had a chance to use it. But I been putting my steps on the calendar in kitchen. I just wear my pedometer when I go out for a walk or one tread mill.

I got box from CURRENT I order some Christmas card for next year. Two roll of wrapping paper at .99¢ each. One of the roll I can use other then Christmas.
Some curling ribbon and snow man magnets. Which I thought of putting up among the cards I get. I tape the cards we receive on front door and it is metal. Last little bit of wrapping paper I got was snowmen on it.
Current is big company and I usual ask if they can toss in something for free. I had company either toss in something or take a little bit off.
Current didn't. Still was under $20.

Murphy went into the doctor to get some CIALIS The doctor was all worried that he snick into town. By telling me a lie. Murphy isn't that stupid to lie to me.
Well he got a coupon for 3 free ones, 20 mg and doctor told him to cut it in half. The doctor told him to shop around if he want or need to continue on them. Prices will very from place to place.
I don't see him using them right off he was a cold.
He gain 5 pounds of fat during the holidays. His middle is showing it. For me I don't put it around the middle much it goes on my rump, thighs, and legs.

See my life is pretty uneventful and I rather keep it that way.

Coffee is on


  1. Will be interesting to know how the pills work.

  2. yes, be honest with your woman.

    she does most of the work. in my case anyway.


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