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Sunday, January 11, 2015

I Sure Didn't fly out Spokane International Airport.

Murphy and I was heading down to Medford Oregon to visit with Sawyer and our daughter in law Betty.
See we can fly on horizon air lines if one of them is on the air plane. Or we pay 10%. The reason is Betty is a fight attend for Horizon which is some how connect with Alaskan airlines.
But we do fly stand by.
Sawyer was ready to fly up and pick up us up he was on plane and a paying customer should up. So he had to get off.
Then the following morning the airport was fog in. So who every had booked and paid earlier flights got rolled over and they get priority before the stand by.

Well I'll try later down the road.
Now I'm slowly going though some boxes in our basement. I stuck it on the desk so Murphy could look and see if he want to keep any thing.
I don't see why or what would we every do with the stuff.
  When we was in Spokane we had a chance to visit a few people down there. Like my mother in law, Faith who I drove around, Our Nephew Sam and his wife Amy.
Phyllis my mother in law isn't happy there. She misses Bonners Ferry. But if her daughter Nakaya wasn't an issue she could move back here.
Her daughter took advantage of her in so many ways. Her last stunt she tried to force her mom to sign some paper that she wasn't able to take care of her own affairs. Even before that she tried to get her mom to take something like mortgage. Those things that let senior stay in there own place. These haven't been her only game she tried.
Opinion time...Phyllis is terrorized of her daughter.
Faith seem to be doing ok and is adjusting quite well to her new place. She been going to her exercise class for balance.
Also went to a I guess it was a town hall meeting. I guess her only complaint there isn't much liberal there so she desires conversation on current happenings.
Last stop was at Sam and Amy. Instead of going to there home. We went to there place of business they got on growing marijuana in the state of Washington.
But there some issues with it. Like pricing it still cheaper to get from the black market. I believe it start at $15 a gram and goes on up.
We stayed a Bart and Dianne slept on there comfy couch.
Coffee is on


  1. So, things are going okay over there?

  2. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Why do guys always want to keep stuff? Every little change around here is a fight. "Honey, can we throw out the old xBox?" - "No, it was a gift." - "But it's broken, and you use the new version only anyway." - "But it was a gift." - "Then put it in your room, please." - "But I have to sort through my old computers first." - "..."

  3. Every thing is pretty good. But twice I tried to visit my son and both time it was weather that cause trouble for us.

    I wonder why people keep stuff. I've had client who kept broken stuff


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