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Friday, January 30, 2015

Fog Lift and Letters Are Coming

I was wondering if the day would clear off and we could see blue sky in far northern part of Idaho panhandle.
Yesterday morning we had freezing fog. As I was driving home from Sandpoint it had a cleared off and blue skies were all over the place.

More SKY 

Question time... Do you remember those old pen pals. That you found in back of magazine. Next month which is February and it is LETTER OF THE MONTH  It simple you mail someone other then bills. For the entire month you sent a card or letter to someone. If you receive a card or letter. You reply back.
I do send cards and letter the old fashion way. It so nice to get a card or letter in the mail box. It makes it worth the walk to the mail box worth wild.

Coffee is on 


  1. Been a pretty mild winter here so far but is foggy some days.

    Back in the 80's I became pen pals with a couple in Maryland through a request they had in Mother Earth News. The next summer they came west to meet me and spent a couple of days at my place.

    When I went long haul trucking I visited them in Maryland a few times. Have lost contact with them over the years but it was interesting at the time.

  2. That kind of sky blue has always been my favorite. Beautiful view, beautiful picture.

  3. A lovely scene, very peaceful looking. I still send letters and cards to people but not as often as I have. There really is nothing like getting a proper letter in the mail box.

  4. what a lovely landscape - the days of long letters has passed but I never could ramble on for too long.

  5. That's a good initiative to let the art of letter writing maintaining its presence. I am sure many people will be motivated to keep on writing letters to their dear ones.

    Alpana Deo


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