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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Coffee With The Gals

For ages a group of ladies been meeting at UNDER THE SUN My favor coffee and shop in Bonners Ferry.
But somehow I keep forgetting they meet the last Friday every month. At this time Under The Sun is doing cleaning and inventory. So they weren't open
So there was a note saying “Ladies Coffee at Badge Den” and it was hooked with bright orange clothes pins.
It been a while since I been at BADGER DEN Every so often Murphy and I would have there biscuits and gravy.
Coffee was $1.50 there. Most places around here you figure coffee starts at $2.00 a cup.
Let see when I was there. Counting my self they were six lady but I left at 11 so I could get to work. If someone else showed up I wouldn't know about it.
Pretty light conversation we talk about snakes and mice. I know not much of lady topic.

I went to work. Carrie was at her doctor and the value thing in your throat when you eat. That open and close. Isn't working right.
So she needs to see a specialist of some type. They figure the trouble is from gastric by pass surgery. She isn't the only one I know who haven't had trouble from it.
Not sure who picked up Carrie bill. She is on SSD and don't get SSI so it tells me she worked and paid in to the system. I don't know how long she been on disability.
I know anther person Enis who had gastric by pass surgery. Which the state of Washington Medicaid picked up. I don't know if she tried loosing weight by changing her health habits or not.
It been a while since I seen her and at that time. I would have to say her nutrition wasn't top of the line.
Opinion time...It was way for a doctor to line his or her pockets with tax payer money.

Before all this happen. I took my car up to Bear Mechanic up North my engine light came on. They hooked up to there machine. The reading has to do with a value to with emissions. I don't recall the name of the valve but a new one cost $400.
So the guy said it won't hurt to drive it. The only thing it wouldn't pass inspection down in California. So he was going to see if he could find a use one.

I got home first and I couldn't figure what was taking Murphy so long. He stop at our local food bank and ask for a box of food.
We don't need a box food. We're fine, not booming big time. But we're fine. For some reason he thinks the world economy is going to just fall apart.
He did it. Nothing I can do about it.
I been told that when they do a food box up it for two weeks worth of food. Your aloud to get food box three time a year. But they have scavenging or pantry that you can go in weekly and get odds and ends. What people donate or pulled from back because of date has expired.

Tomorrow or I should the following day, starts Letter of the month and here is post from YESTERDAY 

Coffee is on


  1. EGR valve?

    I like the mocha machine at the corner market, only .99 cents for a cup of it. Plus the damn sales tax.

  2. Life can be hard sometimes. As long as you hold your head up and remember that each one of us is a worthy person unless they act otherwise, you will be well ahead.

  3. You are fortunate to find a doctor in New York State who takes Medicaid. My brother in law is developmentally disabled and his doctor does not accept Medicaid. He makes below minimum wage at his part time, sheltered workshop job. Disabled people (legitimately disabled ones)have it hard in this country, but it can be worse elsewhere. Alana

  4. I hope all works out for the better!!


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