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Monday, December 15, 2014

Yule Season (Part 2)

First thing I do is place the newest ornament on the tree. I got the blue glass ball though an exchange I found on the net.
The cowboy is one of my ceramic ornament and I painted plenty of them. I even have one for sale on my esty shop, NICE AND NIFTY STUFF 
  Personal I like variety of style and color of ornaments. I don't care for all the same color of ornaments on a tree. I even got a few ornaments I got when my boys were younger. Such as Oscar Grouch
I'm slowly trying to finger out some of the ornaments that my son made for me. I know one of them beaded me this wreath with a candle I'm clueless which son made that ornament. Since there married I would like to give back there ornaments they made.
I like also like variety of material the ornaments are made from I don't even recall were I got this red cardinal from
I'm sort of thinking of placing some icicle. But for now I share a few more close up and ornaments. The little red ornament was last one to be place on the tree.

Coffee is on

Coffee is on   


  1. the older the christmas ornament, the better it is.

  2. You should just get over the christmas bullshit....


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