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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yule Season 2014 Part One

I thought I would be down in Medford Oregon visiting with Sawyer and his wife Betty for the weekend.
So I stayed home worked a little bit on cleaning out our basement. The area I want to put in shop.
Got our tree up and we're slowly starting to decorating it. This year Murphy went and cut down a grand fir. It smell so good.
It takes two to string the lights. The dog and cat refuse to help and except a gift under the tree.
  Took a short walk up and down our road. It been a while since I did any walking. After cleaning the pile of crap out of our basement. Then I pulled out this thing cross between a bike and rolling machine.
Usual when I paint on the ceramics ornaments I usual do four at a time. But as I was painting I notice one had the place you put the hanger though was broken.
But I thought I would show the cowboy I just finish. I like his “pink shirt” I even thought of trying to find to get finger nail polish the same shade of pink.
I pick up an ornament in Sandpoint at the POTTERY BUG STUDIO Things sure have change since I had my ceramic shop. Not saying good or bad but changed.
I picked up this plain ornament so I could have fun mixing colors. The other side have more colors.

  Recently I took part in ornament exchange and person I swap was from Pennsylvania. She got me this beautiful glass ornament from a Polish festival. Although not sure if the festival was sit up for a
But I think it pretty.

Coffee is on  


  1. I absolutely adore your tree, Dora!
    We are going to put up ours tomorrow - I need some holiday cheer.

  2. We're running about the same here. Got the Christmas ornament box from storage last week and got the tree up tonight. I've gone around the block a few times, but haven't done a lot of walking lately. Won't visit family much for another week or so.

  3. I haven't put up a tree or done christmas for 30 years, I think it is all stupid.

    Laurel Ann is on a rock painting kick, she does some pretty nice art on them.

  4. Lovely tree - I miss the smell from having a fake one.

  5. I don't do Christmas. I work usually. Your tree is beautiful. I love real trees! :)


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