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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Yule Season 2014 (Part 3)

I got Sawyer and Betty package off to Oregon. It cost me just under $12.00 and the postal lady said the package would arrive there the 20th.
I only got two of my gift wrap these go to my client Carrie and her husband Hershel. I'm a big one of recycling wrapping paper. Even at party I will dig out descent wrapping paper. Pick up at thrift store and yard sales.

Our T.O.P.S group had there annual Christmas party at the CHICKEN CHOP. I didn't go. Had to drive Carrie for her shot in Sandpoint.
But I did get a chance to weigh in. I'm the assistant weight recorder. Well this week I gain a ½ a pound. So now I'm up to 219.75
Confession time...I don't get enough exercise in. It time to move on what happening with Yule.

So after my trip with Carrie. I went out to Moyie Spring area and took out some gift for Camillia son. Quenella bought him a few items.
I put in an ornament.
Then after I delivery package I went and pick up Bart and Molly gift at UNDER THE SUN I guess the only thing now is to have Murphy pick up a white elephant gift for family gift exchange on Christmas.

Couple more items need taking care of. Murphy put on tree topper. This the one my parents use when I was young.

I have no ideal what this is called. But the heat from the candle makes go around and around.
Well Wednesday afternoon I delivered some ornaments to my friend Alice Grand-kids. Gave them two fruit cakes one with rum poured over and one with our.
She has enough small kids and I thought a non booze would be appropriate.

I know they be more Yule activity but for this season I'll call it good.

Coffee is on


  1. Well done! I remember those kinds of tree toppers too, they are a classic. My mom has one of those warm air mobiles too and great job on the ceramics, as well as the cakes!

  2. The activity around this time of year is enough to wear anyone out. The ornaments look good and I'll bet they look lovely on a Christmas tree.

  3. Awww! How sweet- I love them. It's such a nice idea!


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