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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Something In Life Should Be Easy.

Today I went to our local T.O.P.S meeting and weight in. During the holiday it seem like no one loose weight. But recently our group been doing pretty darn good.
I gain ¼ pound this week. Confession time...I could do a lot more living a healthier life style. I don't know why I have trouble being consistent. I have good intention but I fall short. I been not eating after 7pm and I make the choice to eat after 7 I have plain popcorn. But if I don't get 12 oz of water down before 10AM. I have trouble continue drinking water. I have trouble with water retention Statement time...I find hot water me is easier to drink then cold water....I'm tired of weighing over 200 pounds.
Strange thing I except my husband help me loose weight. When he does try I get all defensive or I bitch about him not helping.
In nut shell we all responsible for our demons and how we deal with them.

This time of year usual the roads are icy and slick. So my friend Quenella usual put her car to bed. She don't drive in winter.
Her neighbor drove her into Bonners Ferry from Katka. Then I met her at HUCKLEBERRY our local variety store. She has a group of children she get gifts for, who might not have much under the tree. I pick up a few items to give to our local Christmas charity. Care-n-Share
Personal I couldn't tell you how many children she helps. I know her mom sent money and I believe her son will be contributing.
We went about town purchasing gifts. Although I didn't get that much. I bought one gift in Bonners Ferry. Then the other two I got up at local thrift store under $1.00 each. Since I got your attention I bought our dog Daisy a stuff toy she can rip to thread on Christmas day. Then other stuff toy will be going to Sawyer and Betty “Boo”

Strange thing I lady hand me $15.00 and said “Pay it forward” So I took five of it and got Daisy and Boo there Christmas gifts. For my self I picked up two piece of bisque.
The ten I'll take and put it on LaWalla electrical bill. She isn't behind but what the heck.

Before I go to work tomorrow I'll have to unload the pick up. I got stuff behind the seat our pick up is a club cab.
Taking Carrie to her physical therapy appointment.

Coffee is on 


  1. I've been in line at fast food and had someone pay for my bill. It's pretty cool and I like to do that for other people too.

  2. i wonder if someone gave the lady $20 and told her to pay it forward?

    we don't have much paying forward up here.

  3. Love this post Dora! I always enjoy reading your posts :) Awesome share and thank you for just being you ;)

  4. Jenn..I like pay it forward.

    Billy..Who know who start this round. But it gone now. I use five and went into City of Bonners Ferry and pay $10 on someone electric bill.

    Joan..It's best to be your self

  5. I'm still trying to gain some weight but next week have to go on a liquid diet for four days before a procedure so will lose even more.

    They add a buck to my electric bill every month to help others with theirs.


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