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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Santa Bag

Few items slip out Santa bag. But I got it closed up quickly. Well since a few thing fell out. I might as well give a preview of what some people may be getting.
Although no names will be mention.

Confession time...I like winning prizes. I won a cook book from SUZIE FOODIE I won a cook book called “The Hello Kitty Baking Book” by Michele Chen Chock. Since it a baking book. I thought I would stop in our local bookstore, here in Bonnners Ferry.
I picked up anther book called “The Artful Cup Cake” which is by Marcianne Miller.
Like I said no name is to be mention who these two books will be given to.
Stop over at Suzie blogs she such a cheerful person. I'm guessing you would enjoy her You Tube 

   As many of you know I paint ceramics. Every year I do up a bunch of ornaments. Some I give out and others I use them part of the gift wrapping.

When I first start painting ornaments the only one that ALBERTA was mice and I painted the mice a gray color.

Then later they started to come out with other design other then the mice. Anyhow I like to adventure out and use different color combo. Statement time...I just can't believe Santa suit is always red. I will believe he wears his red suit to delivery his present on Christmas eve.

 I do my best to support the local MOM AND POP places.The main reason they keep there money in your local community.
Yes, I know I can go to big box store and purchase my items a whole lot cheaper. Confession time....I don't want what every one else got.
I'm not a big consumer but I know small business can't SURVIVE on one day of shopping.

As I been talking about mom and pop place I purchase these three pair of earrings.

Well not everything fell out of Santa bag now.

Coffee is on


  1. Shop Local, Shop Small! Great post, Dora.

  2. I love that you shop local! And great job on painting the ceramics. Thrilled you got the book OK! Love the look of the other cupcake cookbook too.

  3. I like local shops, but often I just don't hve the time to go shopping, physically. The majority of my gifts is either handmade or bought online. But I love places such as Etsy for special finds.

  4. I have seen girls with ear rings that is allergic to them.


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