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Friday, November 28, 2014

What Those Ghost Get To Look At

The other day I took my client Carrie up to cemetery in Sandpoint to see her parents grave. First time I have ever been to the cemetery in Sandpoint.
But I notice it was such a pretty view of the PURCELL and or CABINET 

Didn't spend much time at pine-crest memorial park. It was sort of icy and slick. She was want to know what they did with her sister, Lavons remains. Couldn't find anything and I tried FIND A GRAVE 

But it nice looking grave yard.

To see other SKY photo

Coffee is on


  1. Beautiful scenery!
    No snow for you all yet, Dora? We got a little last night - very pretty.

  2. Carol, so far winter been real mild.

  3. Lovely cemetery, Dora. Oklahoma has lots of small, quaint cemeteries. I love to walk through them and contemplate what all those folk's lives were like. I always get kind of sad when I see a child's grave, but I brighten when I see someone who lived to be in their 90's. Chilly here this morning, bring me some of that coffee you have on!

  4. Greatful captures for SkyWatching Friday .... The cemetery looks so peaceful, Time for remembering to beloved persons.

  5. Graveyards have a fascinating aspect to them. It is so interesting to read the etchings on the stones and to ponder the long or short existence of the people buried there. It hits home how precious each moment of life really is.

  6. Nice photos, I love the nice view from the cemetery !!

  7. Peaceful place and a lovely sky over the mountains! And I love the way you choose to present the recipe of the cake (in the recent post) Happy anniversary and a sunny weekend to you!

  8. I´m impressed from your first picture . . .

  9. A Chinese will say good fungsui.

  10. Dora what a lovely post.Enjoyed your blog Have a great week ahead!



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