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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Photo Hunt (Feathers)

I was hoping to find an earring made out feather at local shop here in Bonners Ferry. The only thing I could fine is a pair peacocks painted on who knows what. Anyhow I thought they look cheap and would image someone with a mini skirt, and black boots. Yes of course bright red lipstick and blowing bubbles.

My husband is afraid that I might get down to light as a feather. I have no desire to be smaller then a size 12.
But I would like to just go into a store and fit into non fat people clothes. In all honestly I think they look like a tent.
I shouldn't be so hard on my self. A lease I don't have to wear a moo moo.
I can wear a medium top but no way I can even come close to button them, I need my boob to shrink about a good four to six inches.
So for me to get a blouse to button I need find a large and then it so baggy in the shoulders.

  When I had my ceramic shop I had a lady ask me if I could cast the ornaments solid so she wouldn't see the opening on the bottom. But still she want them light as a feather.

I complete my ornament goal for this year. I might have had a few left over from years. I have 44 ornaments done up.
If I count right I should only actual need 35 of them. Confession I have figured things wrong before.
Well these the last four I finished up. I'll paint more but at what rate. It for me to choice.

I took Carrie to her physical therapy. Afterward we stop at the PIE HUT Couldn't tell you how many time I drove by there.
I have never thought of stopping in there. But Carrie gave them 5 forks up on there pies.
  Personal I like a good hardy soup and order there white bean sausage soup with kale. It was filling and tasty.
There soup is serve with cracker and bread. I would liked a little more bread. I'm a dipper. With the saltines I like to spread butter and eat them. I don't keep them around the place. It one those food one will lead to anther and so forth.
Most of the people on my mom side can make pie. I wanted to try there cranberry crumble but they were out.
So I had a slice of strawberry-rhubarb pie. Evenly bounce in flavor.
I gave them a ten dollar. Put two bucks in the tip jar and loose change in my pocket.
They must let local artist hang there painting on the wall. Didn't see anything under $25 and nothing really all that great. Some of the painting were interesting.
Most of the painting I wouldn't give five brushes up. Since today theme is feathers and saw this bare bird on the wall right next to us.
Personal I found painting in there I would enjoy looking at more. Then the naked bird.

Next week theme is CANDLE

Coffee is on


  1. I used to wear feather earrings as a teenager they were all the rage here at that time hahaha! Congratulations on reaching your goal :) I love that painting Its a phoenix I think :) Happy weekend, coffee was great and much needed today :)

    My photo hunt entry

  2. We can't all be 'light as a feather' :-)
    Happy Hunting ~

  3. Thanks for the coffee! I am an absolute coffee fiend. And how funny, I'm eating a delicious Shoyu Ramen right now.

    Life With Lorelai

  4. Nothing like a good cup of soup on a warm day, and bean and kale soup is one of my favorites. I'm not light as a feather -has been years since I've been and I reckon I'll never be again. Coffee right now sounds good. Alana

  5. My daughter made me some feather earrings--with feathers from my favorite chicken! I just love them and wear them when I'm feeling saucy.

  6. Well, you should know, size 12 is the average size for the majority of women in the U.S. so you're fine, don't be so hard on yourself. - Your ornaments are beautiful and that soup sounds so good right now. I wish they had Panera Bread out here because their soup is fantastic and they give you a great, big chunk of homemade bread to go with it and more for free if you ask. I had feather earrings oooonnnce and they tickled too much, felt like I was crawling with bugs. Happy Saturday!!

  7. I love feather earrings! I should get myself a pair :)

  8. ha! I used to wear feather earrings back in the day. These days, not so much.. Thanks for the coffee.

  9. My sister wears random earrings!
    -The soup looks lovely too.

  10. There are some reservations here and it is mostly the natives I see wearing feather earrings, I think they look cool (sexy).

    Maybe you should make your own clothes.

  11. sounds like a wonderful array of feathers.

  12. O, I think a size 12 is
    wonderful. :)

  13. I noticed exactly that when having a look at the new season´s earrings with my girl. No more feathers and no giant beads either. I guess we just need to wait till they are in fashion again. :)
    Interesting photo hunt (been reading your blog backwards :D )

  14. I like to eat...I'd never be as light as a feather. It's just all about moderation in a diet.

    Cute ornaments


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