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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Eight Accomplish No Not Really.

Today is one of those day I did light items. One might even say “I did something but no great accomplishment.

Finely got my friend Quenella page re-type. She was going to do these expensive wedding. But what got to me. People were encouraging her and then laughing behind her back about the entire thing. The only thing I told her...I believe it would be pretty hard to pull off considering your only letting 35 guest to attended.

So I got her PAGE for the peace garden done now. But still I see some trouble with it. I know there picture missing but her lay out.
Later on this week I'll try to put in the links.

I wasn't planning to do much. Did load of whites, put away the dishes, swept, and dinner dishes.
But I did make fruit cake which I'll be giving out for Yule. Look like I need to do two more.

  Change my colors for my next up coming painting on my ceramics. These are all of my acrylics I have. So I toss a card and if it comes up red, I pick out two colors and then the black one I pick one color.
Not sure what I'll be painting along with the four ornaments.
But I'm pretty sure I won't list anymore on my esty page but I listed an ROCKING HORSE UNICORN and COWBOY MOUSE sells for $2.50 and shipping in United States is $1.35.

But it doesn't mean I'm going to quite doing ceramics or any of my crafts. I did these two ornaments when I was painting on cowboy and rocking horse.
I have few ideals about my shop. One major thing is to clean out our basement.
Reality is what I make in ceramics would just cover my rent. Then the other over head I wouldn't make enough to cover.
But if I put it in the basement. No rent and then I would make my over head.

Take a moment and look at some of my piece of my facebook page, NICE AND NIFTY STUFF

Coffee is on


  1. You've got quite the production set up going.

  2. I managed to get out of bed, I figure that was an accomplishment.

    Rick was watching a TV channel that shows how they make things. One segment was a man making ceramic pipes like they made in Europe ages ago, and he makes good money selling them.

    Pot smokers like their paraphernalia and are always popping for 20 to fifty dollars for pipes and such.

  3. Sounds like you did plenty Dora. And thanks for the link to your Facebook page. I liked it. :) I like everything you make and I really like you're blog. It's nice to read real life with normal people. - If that makes sense. :)

  4. She called us normal people, hehehehe


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