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Thursday, October 30, 2014

South Of South End Of Bonners Ferry

It shows I haven't been doing all that good in dropping a poundage. Confession time...I'm not persistent.

I thought I would been doing my south hill walks. Looking forward moving out of the area. To much commercial. Statement time...You won't see any photos of big box stores on my walk. I try to support a local Mom and Pop places .

I once walk Tamark road or lane. Did get some photos but some how I lost them. No big deal. I can walk up Tamark again
It road up to Middle and High School for some reason they had bomb threat again at middle school. I thought it would be wise to stay away.
Our school have a lot bomb threat.

Murphy went into Super-one to get few things and decided to walk around the store.

Every store in back seem to have pile of cardboard and other items. I've talk to management and usual if you need something they let you take it, I found out.
The other day we had some snow flakes floating about. Still there some nice colors on our trees.
  I like mums and pumpkins are gone out in front of the store. But there some nice looking mums.

Been working on ceramic also. Usual I do ornament and here is last four ornaments I've done up. Not sure what I'll be doing exactly with these.
Some I'll list on my ESTY shop. Use them for present at Christmas.

I also did an thimble. One could easily turn them into an ornament. One would need fire-able HANGER

Murphy and I did up some applesauce.

Coffee is on  


  1. Wow, I wonder why you get so many bomb threats up that way.. I wouldn't have gone near that school either. I love going along on your walks and your ceramics look great!

  2. digital pictures, easy come easy go. not like the old days when we paid a fortune for colored pictures when they first came out.

  3. I remember getting a fair amount of bomb threats when I was in high school. Usually, it was just kids being stupid, but better safe than sorry.

    Your ceramics are adorable! I like supporting mom & pop shops when I can, too.


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