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Friday, October 31, 2014

Now I Am Up To

I'll be doing SKY WATCH on Friday. I use to do it some time ago. My first sky picture is at Audubon Park in North Spokane.

Hubby and I had a bite at the LITTLE GARDEN CAFE on Northwest Blvd across from the park. We had a light lunch with anther couple.

For me the reason for me to stop in at the little garden cafe was to put in anther “Kindred Spirit Journal. Now that's number four for “Kindred Spirit Journal”
It was left on one of the back table, sort by the play room for the little people. Such a great ideal.
Nice place to have lunch we had the garlic chicken sandwich and nice hot cup of coffee.
This is the first time I left one inside. The little Cafe does have Out door setting. Do to up coming cooler temperature.
Before that I left one in NORTH BEND on bench out side of Tweede cafe. Then I left one at MONARCH MOUNTAIN COFFEE right next to the post office in Sandpoint.
Then of course one in my home town of Bonners Ferry. At UNDER THE SUN Every so often I get the chance to check out what is written in the one place at “Under The Sun” But you can get an ideal what I'm doing!.
Anyone can do a “Kindred Spirit Journal”.

Coffee is on  


  1. Good morning, Dora. I'm sipping some coffee as I'm looking at your lovely photos. Thanks for the link to Sky Watch!

    There is a group/page on Facebook called the Cloud Appreciation Society. I love that page! Have you seen it?

  2. The leaves are getting brown !
    Nice pictures !

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like you had a nice outing that day. Love the fall colors of the leaves.

  4. Beautiful colors, I love these pictures of autumnal atmosphere !!

  5. Every day since my return from Texas it has been fucking raining..

  6. Those leaves are just gorgeous!

  7. It looks like a very pretty area - great fall colors.

  8. I'll have to look up Kindred Spirit Journal, that's new to me.

  9. I got the ideal for "Kindred Spirit Journal" from this news story...http://www.cbsnews.com/news/kindred-spirit-mailbox-in-north-carolina-collects-secrets-from-around-the-nation/


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