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Friday, October 10, 2014

News Didn't Arrive

Last Tuesday the 7th I went to a public form to see what some of the candidate was offering. So before I put a post I would like to post the video they made. I understand they are planning to put it on you tube.
A good portion of the people there were members of JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY   

The medicaid nurse came out and did a review for Carrie. She only had a minor cut. In pass she was getting 21 ½ hours and now she getting 20 hours.
Actual she could get by some were between eight and twelve hours, which would take care of all of her needs.
But I can use all the hours and the extra cash can give us a boost.

For a bit of sad news. My friend Murphette Grandson “CJ” died. At this time there not sure what happen.
Her oldest Dorris was doing fine and baby had a good heart beat. Hooked her up to an IV and in hour her son was dead.
Dorris was so looking forward to motherhood. I talked a little to Murphette and there doing an autopsy.
Actual I was looking forward starting an Christmas Ornament collection for him. I given ornament to Murphette grandchildren so when they get on there own they'll have a few ornaments.  

 Decided to try to follow a crochet pattern. Some time ago I picked up a book on different crochet pattern for dish clothes. I started and it look so un even. But I like the texture it has.
Actual what I would like to try is a simple cap.
Ceramic I seem to have less trouble doing. I put a few items for sale on my ETSY  shop.Still working a softie sleigh and four reindeer.

   I started on batch of four different ornaments. Short time when I went over to coast with Quenella on the way back we stop at a CHESS CERAMICS in Spokane. I picked up two ornament and one you can see is a rocking horse. Which I'll give away this Yule season.
Also picked up there. Ornament Santa figurine and which I'm keeping. Last thing I put in sac before I purchase was a couple of translucent.

Coffee is on. 


  1. That's sad to hear about the death of a baby. It's always heartbreaking for the mother. I hope she can cope with the remorse.

  2. It is sad to hear about a death of a baby :( Though I did enjoy your pictures of your crafts, thanks :)

  3. Gosh, what devastating news!


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