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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Didn't and Could Care Less

Maybe next month I'll do better keeping tract of the weather. One thing I can say it didn't get down below freezing.
Now it first part of October and now there talking about cooler night temp. Got the garden covered.

This morning Murphy and I went and did some stuff with the garden.

Brought in the onions and shallots. Laid on wire in our basement. We have three types of onion we grew a Spanish which we will eat first it isn't a keeper.
Then a CIPOLLINO but the other onion I just don't recall. Both Murphy and I real like shallots.
As Murphy was slicing up some tree branches with the chain saw.
I sort though the GROUND CHERRIES  Though out the day both of us been snacking on ground cherries.
We use on average of 545 for electricity per month. Not sure what cost of most electricity runs. I'll tell people I'm on NORTHERN LIGHTS and they just thinks there out of sight on prices.
There just under .08¢ kilowatt. But since there a Coop there is base charge of $25.00
Murphy and I went into Super One and did a little shopping. They had a meat sale. We picked up a pork roast for $1.99 a pound.
Look like we having bake potato and salad for dinner. Out of the garden.
I'm still whacking away on ceramics. All most done with these two bear ornaments. I pick up four reindeer and sleigh bisque at local thrift store.
Someone started to paint it and never finished it. So I fired off the acrylics.
At one time before I went out of ceramic business it seem like

 Softie pieces in ceramic line was coming on strong. I got few of the softie molds but I don't recall which ones.

Coffee is on


  1. Ceramics in Softie lines? The ceramic tortoise looks lovely.

    Good harvest of onions.

  2. You've mentioned a pleasant mix of occupations. Harvesting food and a hobby that keeps you occupied. That's a good balance.

  3. Sounds like a great day, We have a bunch of onions at our garden ;)

  4. that's fine looking turtle.

    we pay 7.5 cents for the first 1200 kwh then it goes to about 11 cents. i'm not complaining, electricity seems to be the best deal in town.

  5. Billy...I don't know if now we have different rates for our power. At one time we had commercial rates.

  6. My light bill last month was just under 22 bucks.

  7. I too started to prepare our yard for winter ! Had a lot of ivy to cut.


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