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Friday, October 17, 2014

Changes Happen Regardless

The area around us had to remove some of there trees do to our local AIRPORT It didn't effect our place. But we had our place logged as the surround area did there.

Murphy and I often we will go out on the place and get fire wood. Wednesday the 15th we went out and got some fire wood.
Murphy goes out there more then I do.

  First we cut an high stump on his Uncle Lavern and Aunt Shirley old place. Now the county airport owns the place, which they bought.
So if the county didn't want us on place. They would showed up, yelling and wagging a finger at us. Earlier in the season. Murphy and I went and got some hazelnuts.
Now the trees are showing some nice colors.
Yesterday, Tuesday Murphy called his step-mom Phyllis to see if it was ok to cut firewood off her place. She sold her place.
But she moved down to Spokane Valley to a senior retirement place. The place was getting to big for her. She could take care of her home but the yard was a little to much for her.
In some sense she had to move because of her daughter NaKaya (Murphy Step-sister) who is nothing but a “bully bitch” try all sort of bullshit to get hold of her mom place. Last stunt she tried was to force her to sign a “power of attorney”
All in all I believe her moving was best all around around.
So Murphy took out our old wheel barrow and hide it on his Step-mom place. Thought we better rescues it. Before all the I is dotted and T are cross.
This was Earl old place and he and his first wife Angie live out there. He only live there for a short time and move off the place.
There were a trailer pulled beside the add on.
Angie remarried a man with the same given name, still lives in area. Earl is now down in Rockspring Wyoming.
Murphy Aunt Thelma had her place logged because of the airport. Still owns the place but has and still might be, considering to sell her property. She is on the Washington coast.
We been getting firewood off her place, with permission. Plus there was a few dead cedar which would make a few nice fence post.

Not every thing went our way. Never had my yard sale this year. Didn't get much done on my “Goodwill” flower bed.
As things worked out, looks like it is good thing. We redid our septic and drain fill. Plus we had to re-plant some of our lawn.
We have a shed/barn full of firewood. The firewood we are getting now we driving over what may or not be my future “Goodwill” flowerbed
Anyhow this wood is being stack on back side of our garage/shed. Which we are planning to use for spring time.
Crap we didn't get the two bedroom window on west side replaced. I never had chance to pour any of my ceramic molds. Lucky I have plenty of bisque to paint.

Coffee is on

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  1. sounds like you got an awful lot of stuff done this past summer. i was just trimming the wife's plum tree. i should have waited a few more weeks but the sun was out and i had the energy.

    make hay while the sun shines!


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