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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Joy-Youth)

Once a week I meet my friend Qunella and we have a cup of coffee at UNDER THE SUN A fun whimsical place and all sort of cool things.
But I find Joy having a cup of coffee and chit chatting.
Next day after LABOR DAY the youth in our area, will be getting on bus and heading back to school.

Next weekend photo hunt themes will be GRAY and or LANDSCAPE

Coffee is on  


  1. Lovely to have a friend to have coffee together. Our youth are going to have a term break. :)

  2. That is a cool looking place...

  3. our teachers are on strike. if i was a kid i'd be praying like crazy for the strike to continue at least until xmas.

  4. East Coast...usual kids get a long summer break...End of May until the beginning of Sept.

    Bill C...Lot of cool and fun items. A little spendy.

    Bill P...I never went to school were teacher went on strike. One of my good friend in High School her dad was a teacher and I recall him going on strike. Sad it wasn't were I went to school

  5. I enjoy that too ! Going out with friends, having a coffee and above all chat, lol !

  6. The end of one season and the beginning of another part of life is inevitable. Enjoy the time you have right now.

  7. I love meeting my friends for coffee!

  8. Spending time with friends is always a fun thing to do :-)


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