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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Not Before Not After

 My weigh in at T.O.P.S so I gained 4 pounds. A few things I need to over come when come to weight lost. Is eating when I'm bored.
I don't eat after 7 in the evening. And I been doing my walks. Now I'm up to 214 and half
Monday I had to take Carrie into Sandpoint to the PAIN PLACE She has arthritis and they did an IV of medicine though her,
They said it would take about ½ an hour so I walk around the area. Not going far. In our area I'm walking on Lincoln street. Then in my neighbor hood I just went around the bend. So in my neighborhood I'm walking one way eight tenths of mile...So I'll leave it to you math wiz to figure what around trip is.

One never know how long a doctor will take. So I'm glad I took my crocheting along. I finely figure out how to do double crochet stitch. So I'm making a scarf. Still my stitches aren't consistent. I guess practice will be the way I can have my stitches all the same.
Sure glad I brought my book along to read. Not sure how long she was in. I left Bonners Ferry and Sandpoint is about 35 miles and most of it is Highway driving and I had her back in her home by 12: 30 that afternoon. If it went as plan I should have been back 11:00 or so, and even counting her stop at the dollar tree.

When I got home I continue crocheting on the scarf and also working little on my ceramic pieces. I painted the soles of turtle shoes. Murphy likes the turtle planter and I'm planning to keep it.
Also paint the grass area on Mr and Mrs Pilgrims.
I also got out anther ornament the other three are pretty much finish. I like to seal four at a time.

Coffee is on


  1. Hello Dora: I try to remember to bring my knitting or a book when I go to the doctor's office - it a good thing to have esp since I have to wait a bit for my appointment.

  2. What is it with you and eating? I never feel like eating anything, I just eat to stay alive.

  3. beautiful turtle planter.

  4. I need to start walking more and dieting better, too. I'm no where near one and six tenths of a mile yet.


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