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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Floating Though Shit

Our septic tank got pumped out on Thursday morning , $250. It was mainly liquid. So are drain field or leach line isn't working.
The people in City of Bonners Ferry pays a hair over twenty a month. I would be glad to pay twenty a month for sewer service.
As I was at work Murphy had the septic people come and look at our septic system. Where the leach line comes off of our septic tank is to many trees.
Well we had two choice to move the trees. The other choice is to put in anther system.
Truth be told I believe good fence makes good neighbors. So we'll leave the trees between our neighbors.
I have no desire to look on to my neighbors business. I need snoopy neighbors

If we don't do something with the septic system. Our basement is pretty much useless. We can't do much with our basement. It has improved. It use to flood quite often.
Then we been working on getting ready to replace two of the windows on the West Side of the place. The windows been in since the early 70's when the house was built. Those old aluminum and they leaked air. We went around and caulked them but it due time to replace them. Next year we will replace the two on the west side. No more aluminum windows.
 Been working on some project. I got the turtle planter done. Murphy and I both like it. Not sure what we will but in it.
I thought marigold would look good in it.
The Mr and Mrs Pilgrim been coming along. Eyes and buckles need to be painted it. Then just finishing it up.
I'm getting better with my fingers and hands. I don't feel like I have to left pinkies and four and third right pointer fingers with a half of thumb. When it comes to crocheting

Neighborhood walking been pretty good. I'm guessing mid September I'll be up to the 12 power pole. I take a photo every fourth one.
In town I been walking on south hill area. I just finished up with Lincoln street not very thrilling. Not sure how I'll handle Alderson lane. I believe it going to be broke up in two section. Simple reason is the parking situation.
I been keeping my eating in check. Nothing after 7 pm and I don't take second when it comes to dinner. If I'm hungry or think I am. It's plain air pop corn for me.

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  1. nice planter and mr & mrs pilgrim are certainly a handsome couple.

    we pay about $100/month for water and sewer.

  2. Good for you for keeping the trees, just put in new lines if you can. Do it without a permit if you have to to keep expenses down.

    Sewer here is about sixty bucks a month.

  3. No sewer out here. Water runs $41 a month.
    Permit here is $800.
    The neighbor one time had the well water and septic so close. I know the state wouldn't pass it....But permits are new thing in our area.

    Coffee is on


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