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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Paper-Sunset)

I don't think I'll have the chance to take part in the next two hunt. The weekend of 11-12 and 13 we have a family reunion

Then the following weekend I have a class reunion.

On the news I heard about BIRD ISLAND and the Kindred Spirit mail box. I found the story so touching. That I thought I would do something sort of the same. If you haven't see story on the mail box please CLICK HERE 
I know I won't get to all the small cafe to leave a blank note book with blank paper. I'm asking a favor to get a blank note book paper and write on...”Kindred Spirit Journal” attach a pen to the note book.
I place mine in a plastic sleeve as some cafe has outdoor seating. I wrote on plastic sleeve...”Kindred Spirit Journal”...Write, draw, and or share a photo. Return notebook to plastic sleeve. The last person who shares in “kindred spirit journal” will you please donate it to your local library.
All most every evening when the sun start to go down behind the Selkirk Mountains. I went out to watch the sunset fall behind the range, after 8pm.
This week none of the sunset colors were spectacular.

Coffee is on  


  1. I love writing in a journal as well. Though it took me many years to get back into it.
    Pretty sunset too.

  2. Sunset at 8pm? And the sky is still bright.
    Happy reunions! Post pictures of the gatherings. :)

  3. Nice take of the theme ! I don't like handwriting anymore, with the computer it goes more quick !

  4. Nice take of the theme ! I don't like handwriting anymore, with the computer it goes more quick !

  5. What a lovely idea. The journal would be like a time capsule.

  6. I love this idea! And your sunset photo is just breathtaking!

  7. East...It still light for quite a few hours after the sun go down behind the mountain.

  8. I always mean to keep a diary/ write a journal but I can never keep it up!


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