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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some Good and Not So Good.

We got a new neighbor who is second in command with Bonners Ferry Police department. Nice enough family. He is same age as me.
His daughter lives with him along with the two granddaughter. We been taking raspberries over to the new neighbor and to people who has children.

Lot of produce we're just giving away. Any way we like to give a hand up to someone when we can.

Our garden is starting to come on strong. Plenty of greens we been using. Can't believe how well the pole beans are thriving.
Used a few smaller zucchini in salads.
Corn is starting to tassel up. The vine crops such as cucumbers and melon should soon be harvested. The only thing isn't fairing all that good is the Roma tomatoes.
Flowers seem to be ok. Actual I don't have much after my Iris get done blooming. Which I need to thin out. I'll be splinting and dividing up my Star of Bethlehem and Iris. I'll be making a small order of bulbs later on. I need to ask my sister in law Faith if she want to order with me.
We do have a few flowers in bloom. Lilly, lavender, roses, zinnia and hollyhocks. I real like the hollyhocks and would like to put some more out by our mailbox. For the mail person to enjoy or lease I can enjoy. Either when I pull in our drive way; look out toward the mountains, and or when I mail something or pick up my mail.

I swore I wouldn't every get back over 210. I went to my TOPS meeting and I thought I was sensible and ate with common sense.
I went up pound and half and which put me over 210 by ½ a pound.
I been doing my walking now up to the corner. Not sure the distant now. Maybe I need to get back doing fitday on computer. I believe a lot weigh lost trouble is being in active and computer sure doesn't help matter any.

The weather been unbearably hot. Well into the 90's (32) and it doesn't look like there in relief for the week.
We been getting up so we can get things done before the heat just bare down on us.

Coffee is on 


  1. Hollyhocks are my favorite flower! Yours are beautiful.

  2. I should trim back the black berries before they take over the neighbors place, not that he seems to give a shit.

    Not too hot here for me yet.


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