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Thursday, July 03, 2014

June Report 2014

I got a thermometer. Nothing fancy. Last day of June the sky was a beautiful blue.

The warmest day was on the 29th at 99 (37)
The coolest day was on the 5th and 10th at 39 (4)
The average high was 81 (27)
The average low was 46 (8)
Rain 2 ½ (6)

  1. First thunder storm roll though the first of June
  2. Mid month it was pretty cloudy
  3. End of the month it was mainly clear blue skys
  4. Artichoke in pot on Northside of place is doing great
  5. Water bill was little over, not even a buck
  6. Use 430 kilo watts electricity for the month
  7. Kootani river is 485 (780 KM) miles
  8. Moyie river is 92 (148 KM) miles
  9. Paid two dollar for cup of coffee at UNDER THE SUN
  10. Bought a 16 foot tape measure
  11. Gas isn't four dollar a gallon
  12. There doing road construction on south hill over pass in Bonners Ferry 
  13. Pick well over 2 gallon of strawberries
I do social media half ass. My time my dime and call. You know I don't really give rat ass what other think. But I do respect your opinion.
Short after summer I saw this news story and I decided to a post. So when linking one my post to social media. I try to visit the two blogs above mine.
So the day I did the post on “Kindred Spirit Mail box”\
I stop in at blogher 

The other place I visit was pagan blog project

Then there are time I do a search of keyword to see what new blog I may stop in at. Stop in at Network blogs. I use the words “kindred Spirit.
End up with

One never know what goes on form one moment to next. Wish you all a blessed July.

Coffee is on


  1. well, some things don't change - we had a storm here last night...and we're supposed to get more rain later...OY VEY IS MIR!

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    We had a crazy, end-of-days-type thunderstorm here last night. June is always a crazy month when it comes to the weather...and lots of rain!

  3. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Social media eats so much of our time! I am a bit afraid I'll never get anything done again once we get our internet connection at home... ^^

  4. This information will be useful in 100 years time. Who knows how someone in the future will come across it? I love to think of the possibilities. UBC

  5. I love thunder storms!

  6. I think the hottest it as reached so far this year where I live in the UK is about 28 degrees, so it's been really hot where you live

  7. We haven't had a good storm in a long time and we need it. It's so hot in SoCal.

  8. It never got out of the 60's today in upstate New York! Now that's unusual. The hottest 4th of July I ever experienced was in Wichita, Kansas, when it got up to 110.Social media is definitely a double edged sword. Alana

  9. I love Edgar Allen Poe's work!
    I do like thunderstorms!


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